Based on of the most desirable race-spec frames from the early 70’s, Young Guns’ 1971 Triumph Trackmaster is a handsome mix between a raw vintage race bike and a shiny custom.

While still functional, the donor bike was in rough condition, so the guys at the Switzerland-based shop kept only the T120 engine in it, along with the Lectron carburetors and the gorgeous magnesium Ceriani forks. The rest of the parts were stripped off and replaced with bespoke, period-correct items, such as the aluminum side plates, brake lever, wheels and spacers, rear Nickel-plated Brembo brakes, Trackmaster fiberglass tank, and a stainless steel exhaust with Supertrapp muffler.

Boasting the right amount of glitz while staying true to its racing roots, the beautiful 2-wheeler – dubbed ‘Lucy’ – is a mighty fine machine that can still tackle the street as well as the track.

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Photos by Marc Holstein/Young Guns