Everybody knows living in the city has a lot of perks. However, there are also downsides to consider. Being surrounded by noise, crowds, pollution, and pressure from work can eventually push us over the brink. Burnout is rough and can affect productivity, health, and mental well-being. As such, perhaps something as simple as the Moss Echo can help you relax at the end of the day.

It’s no secret that even the most dedicated workaholics eventually need a break. Every individual enjoys various forms of recreation, but studies claim that even just a change in scenery is beneficial. MOSSLAB writes, “In today’s fast-paced and increasingly polluted world, finding innovative ways to improve indoor air quality has become essential.”

The Moss Echo was developed to add an element of nature to your living space or office. The concept may not be entirely original as people have used many types of plants for decoration and removal of pollutants from the air we breathe. With that in mind, this product takes it a step further with the integration of several handy features.

From an aesthetic standpoint, this device resembles a high-tech picture frame. Nevertheless, its canvas is lined with an innovative system called “Light Pole Technology” that functions like traditional LEDs. All the sensitive electronics within are protected against moisture so you can freely spray water over the plants without worry. 

MOSSLAB also designed the Moss Echo as a Bluetooth speaker. Nothing too fancy here as the 120 Mhz Qualcomm Kalimba DSP supports a 24-bit monaural. Play your favorite tunes or sounds of nature for immersive relaxation. Users can also tweak the animations to suit their preferences.

At the top are LED indicators, touch buttons, and a rotary knob to control. The flora that grows draws nourishment from the air and provides an overview of the room’s air quality. The Moss Echo is available in black or white colorways and ships with a smart spray, USB-C cable, and documentation. As of this writing, it already amassed $194,869 from 797 backers with 29 days to go.

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Images courtesy of MOSS LABS