When e-paper displays first came out, its uses were somewhat limited. However, the technology quickly found its niche as the ideal screen for e-readers. Eventually, companies found other cool ways to incorporate it into other types of devices. To show us just how far it has innovated over the years, check out the Gemini!

Described as a “Dual Screens Wisdom E-Ink Book,” this product is developed by LCFC (Hefei) — a subsidiary of Lenovo. The Chinese brand is always eager to invest resources in unique concepts and systems. While most of these never hit store shelves, most end up as part of its commercial catalog.

Although there are colored e-paper displays already, the monochrome variant remains the most popular. As such, the Gemini is outfitted with two 7.8″ E Ink panels connected via a 360-degree hinge. It somehow resembles the Microsoft Surface Duo, albeit at a larger scale and sans the vibrant colored screens.

As indicated by the press images, there are several ways to use it. It can function as an e-reader and as a dual-screen laptop. A section features physical buttons, likely for navigation and other functions, but the e-paper panels are touch-enabled as well. 

This allows users to turn the lower display into a virtual keyboard in notebook mode. The lack of tactile feedback may deter those who prefer to touch type, but maybe it just takes some practice. The Gemini seems to be marketed as an entertainment/productivity platform.

Details about the internal storage, RAM, chipset, and operating system are still under wraps. Nevertheless, the Gemini is reportedly compatible with a hybrid stylus which holds a detachable microphone unit. Take notes, record audio, read books, and more, with this cool e-paper device.

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Images courtesy of Lenovo/LCFC (Hefei)