We’ve noticed a growing trend among manufacturers of flatscreens wherein they attempt to come up with ways to make their panels match the decor when turned off. Although most consumers aren’t bothered by the black slab their TVs turn into when not in use, some want to keep things cohesive. S2VICTOR unveils the Trolley — a hybrid solution for the modern household.

Before we get into detail about this interesting crowdfunding project, keep in mind the biggest names in the business already have gimmicks in development. For example, LG and Samsung have dabbled in TVs that turn into decorative canvases which display photos or artwork when idle.

The Trolley, on the other hand, offers a modest yet clever approach. Meanwhile, some companies like C-SEED and others use flexible panels and motorized mechanisms to deploy and retract large-format screens when needed. Then there’s the transparent technology as shown by the likes of Xiaomi and LG.

S2VICTOR was commissioned by the South Korean group Kustem to design something unique. As the name says, we have a 55″ OLED integrated into a frame with casters that function like a “trolley” in a sense. They’ve also incorporated forward-firing speakers directly below the bottom bezel.

Mostly crafted out of what appears to be metal and painted in a deep shade of blue, the television touts a 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution with a 60 Hz refresh rate. While it won’t necessarily blow the competition away when it comes to features, it’s not engineered to outperform big-name brands in the first place.

What the Trolley brings to the table is a bottom rack that can hold books or magazines, a drawer/cable management compartment, and a pegboard to organize various items. This makes it ideal for rooms with limited floor space for freestanding cabinets or other storage systems. While not groundbreaking, it is practical, nonetheless.

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Images courtesy of Kustem/S2VICTOR