The modern gentleman typically follows a basic grooming routine to look good and make a memorable impression the first time they meet someone. Not only does it boost your confidence, but it also encourages others to hold you in high regard. yoose presents a fantastic addition to your arsenal with its Mini Rotary Shaver.

As the name says, this is a handy grooming tool ideal for any kit. In fact, it’s compact enough for any travel bag. yoose’s modest lineup has earned awards such as the Red Dot and Good Design in the past years. Hence, it’s safe to say the company and its team know how to deliver outstanding style.

Ordering And Unboxing The Mini Rotary Shaver

Getting your hands on this cool contraption is as easy as heading to the official yoose website or Amazon and placing your order. They ship them out surprisingly quickly and it won’t take long before the item arrives at your doorstep or post office box. Our packaging was somewhat immaculate, but what totally matters are the condition of the contents. It’s likewise clear that a lot of thought went into the development and manufacturing process of this gadget.

The box itself appears simple enough with bold black edges and a silver foil finish. The top is adorned with an image of the product, while the rest show various text pertaining to features and regulatory information. Inside, you’ll find the Mini Rotary Shaver, a carrying pouch with a leather texture, a cleaning brush, a USB-A to USB-C charging cable, and a user manual. Even without the latter, operating it is pretty straightforward.

Classy Design With A Premium Build Quality

The Mini Rotary Shaver roughly measures 62 mm x 52 mm x 26 mm and weighs about 5.6 ounces. It’s about the same size as the charging case of the AirPods Pro albeit slightly larger. yoose offers it in five colorways: Silver, Black, Blue, Green, and Orange. Only the body comes in various hues while the cutterheads are always in silver.

Although we would have preferred a matte finish to improve our grip, the glossy surfaces do enhance the cosmetic appeal of the personal care device. A badge bears the branding on one side, while a single button adorns the other. Furthermore, the included case comes with a split key ring so you can securely affix it to a carabiner, snap hook, and other types of locking mechanisms.

Technical Specifications And Performance

Within its alloy housing are two 180 mAh lithium-ion batteries which supposedly last anywhere between 30 to 60 days on a full charge. This totally depends on how long it is used daily. However, yoose notes the total estimated battery life is 60 minutes. In our case, we have yet to see the dreaded low-battery prompt even with moderate usage for over a week or so.

Press the button once to turn the Mini Rotary Shaver on/off. Hold it down for two to three seconds when the device is turned off to activate/deactivate travel lock mode. This is a useful function to prevent unintentional activation when it’s in your bag or suitcase. At the bottom is a USB-C port for charging and an LED status light. A solid white glow indicates a full charge, it blinks while charging, while red says you need to recharge.

Another feature we absolutely love is the convenient latch system of the cutterhead. This means there are no mechanical locks that can wear out over time. Instead, a strong magnet holds it in place and can withstand all types of motion during operation. Those switching from a traditional or safety razor will find the shaving experience smooth and gentle on the skin. Its double-ring arc shaving head and heavy-duty German steel blades ensure comfort and precision.

The powerful 7,200 rpm electric motor is virtually silent which adds to its convenience. This allows you to shave without bothering others in the same room. yoose states their Mini Rotary Shaver is IPX7-rated. You can practically wash it under running water or use it in the shower, but we prefer not to do so since the USB-C port is exposed. The included brush should be enough to thoroughly clean it.

Our Takeaway

So far, after putting it through its paces, we’re looking at one awesome grooming tool. The speed at which facial hair grows varies per individual, which is why access to a versatile shaver is essential. yoose understands exactly what men need and engineers a highly capable gadget that gets the job done efficiently. It all boils down to personal choice and some of you might opt to stick with traditional shaving methods.

Nevertheless, it packs all the bells and whistles that could convince anyone to think otherwise. Overall yoose came up with a sleek form factor that feels ergonomic in your hands. Its small-scale physical footprint is optimal and makes it a must-have for any everyday carry toolkit. When you need to look your absolute best in any situation, the Mini Rotary Shaver is always ready for action.

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About yoose

yoose is a trendy and appearance tech brand created by a group of designers, engineers, and artists exploring future lifestyles, led by the top Chinese design team XIVO. The creative team insists on originality, blending art and technology, and is committed to using innovative technology to create aesthetically pleasing and functional products for future generations.