A trend we’ve noticed lately is the surprising surge of tech with transparent design. Manufacturers are doubling down on the nostalgia and appeal these types of products bring to the table. One of the latest brands to jump on the hype train is yoose with the sleek and striking ICE — an aptly named electric shaver given the crystalline aesthetic the company went for.

We believe the timing of our review is perfect with the holiday season in full swing. In fact, most of you probably still need to shop for some stocking stuffers or meaningful gifts this month. If so, consider the ICE as an ideal option for loved ones who could benefit from a high-tech grooming gadget.

Where To Buy?

As always, we want to thank yoose for sending a sample over to our office so the guys can give it a whirl. Since a lot of us here typically can’t end the day without a 5 o’clock shadow already on our mugs, the ICE faces a grueling test. So far, its predecessor — the Mini Rotary shaver — has passed with flying colors, which means we have high expectations for this model. Before we get ahead of ourselves, you can purchase it directly here. It ships out rather quickly but be mindful of the holiday rush as it can affect delivery times.

Outstanding Design

As we pointed out earlier, the yoose drops the curvaceous form factors of its older hardware for a more geometric outline. The ICE sports a cyberpunk-inspired look courtesy of its see-through housing along with its many facets. You can say it resembles a precious gemstone at first glance. Even the matte silver box it ships in flaunts a bold futuristic motif covered by printed text and graphics in black.

Pop the container open and you’ll find the ICE mini electric shaver, a type-C charging cable, a cleaning brush, a replacement head, and some documentation. There are two hues available: gray and green. Personally, our pick would be the smoky version, but the vibrant verdant variant will likely have its share of fans as well.

Build Quality And Features

A glaring issue most transparent enclosures face is that the material is prone to nicks and scratches. Thankfully, the polymer used here is similar to the type found on automotive headlights. It’s purportedly more durable and impact-resistant. As of this writing, the unit we have on hand remains virtually flawless. Therefore, it seems their claim is accurate.

The angular silhouette is not purely cosmetic as it also enhances your grip. Smooth surfaces usually become slippery when wet. However, the beveled edges of the ICE mini keep it firmly in our hands. Speaking of moisture, this compact electric shaver is engineered to be IPX7 waterproof.

This ingress protection rating is considerably high as it denotes the device can survive submersion in three feet of water for up to 30 minutes. We’ll take their word for it as nobody wanted to push their luck here. Nevertheless, our sample has already undergone more than enough exposure cycles from shaving and cleaning yet remains fully functional.

ICE Performance

As for its grooming capabilities, we can confirm it handles facial hair like a champ. The ICE’s shaving module is outfitted with German-made blades which are securely mounted underneath a removable double-ring arc magnetic head. The top is specifically shaped to target every contour of your face and glide smoothly across the skin.

Say goodbye to irritations from traditional razor blades and safety razors as this bad boy delivers a close shave without painful nicks. Furthermore, this type of assembly makes it easy to clean under running water along with the included brush. Meanwhile, the transparent body provides a stunning glimpse into the inner components of the electric shaver.

You get to view the printed circuit board (PCB) from the front, while the rear shows the powerful 7,200 RPM high-speed motor set between two 180 mAh rechargeable batteries. An illuminated LED display shows the operational status and battery life, while an auxiliary breathing LED light near the base provides additional visual cues about the remaining power. It recharges via a USB-C port at the bottom.

Our Takeaway

Just like the Mini Rotary shaver yoose sent us before, the ICE is an impressive grooming tool for its size. The spec sheet tells us it measures 53.6 mm x 29.8 mm x 67.6 mm which is handy for folks who need to shave regularly. At only 110 grams, it barely weighs anything and becomes an essential part of any traveler’s personal care kit. Fully charged, it can last anywhere between 30 to 60 days depending on how long it takes you to shave. Overall, guys shouldn’t miss out on this cool device.

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About yoose

yoose is a trendy and appearance tech brand created by a group of designers, engineers, and artists exploring future lifestyles, led by the top Chinese design team XIVO. The creative team insists on originality, blending art and technology, and is committed to using innovative technology to create aesthetically pleasing and functional products for future generations.