To the chagrin of audiophiles everywhere, true wireless stereo earbuds are now mainstream options. This ubiquity means eventually all brands will have a model or two commercially available in the coming years. Come to think of it, as competition becomes intense, innovations are sure to follow. For instance, take the TE-ZX1 developed by AVIOT and its unique selling point.

What’s fascinating about these TWS earbuds is the fact that each pair houses 10 drivers in total. We’re basically looking at five drivers for every unit in the set, which makes this crowdfunding project the first of its kind in the world. Furthermore, to bolster its marketing, the manufacturer is partnering with Cowboy Bebop to commemorate the franchise’s 25th anniversary.

These details should be enough to convince fans of what might as well considered be the coolest anime of its time to snap these bad boys up. However, AVIOT understands its product should also deliver impressive sound quality to attract others who are still on the fence about the TE-ZX1.

It’s banking on the so-called Tribrid 5-Driver System. The setup is comprised of a 110 mm dynamic driver, a 6 mm planar magnetic driver, and three balanced armature drivers. With this combination, the soundstage supported by the TWS earbuds is reportedly vast.

Meanwhile, two MEMS microphones provide crystal-clear communication during calls. The TE-ZX1 packs 70 mAh batteries for each earbud and another 400 mAh in the charging case. Its tie-in with Sunrise’s Cowboy Bebop extends to the audio prompts which are recordings of the original Japanese voice actors/

Keep in mind the company behind this campaign is not just another ambitious startup. Instead, the group was founded in 2018 and also does business as Pressed Japan Corporation. Furthermore, AVIOT already received multiple awards from VGP — a prestigious annual audio-visual product event in the country. The TE-ZX1 is presented in a stylish metallic red and black motif.

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Images courtesy of AVIOT