Cargo bikes are essential modes of transportation for moving not just inanimate objects but live ones too. Talk about taking your kids to school the old-fashioned way or bringing your pet to the park. They especially make it easy to haul objects about.  The YOONIT Mini Cargobike does just that and they come in Electric and Classic versions.

The YOONIT Mini Cargobike is built with a CrMo tubular steel frame and fork. It is shorter than a regular bike at 177.5cm long. Its compact size makes it easy to store in basements, garages, and small apartments, and it can even fit into elevators. It even comes with a quick-release lever that lets users switch out the load platforms for maximum carrying flexibility. There are three load platforms that can cater to your needs whether it be for rides with kids or pets, for carrying heavy tools or groceries, and more. 

These include the Smart carrier, which takes care of goods with its built-in side rails, the Family carrier, which comes with a child seat with a five-point safety belt, and the Job carrier, a flat surface for hauling broader or larger things. Both the Classic and Electric YOONIT Mini Cargobike feature an adjustable nine-stage steering damper that optimizes steering behavior for a smooth ride. 

Then there are the ergonomic and low-maintenance Magura hydraulic disc brakes for both urban and all-road use and a Gates Carbon Drive System to ensure rust-free and oil-free chains. The only difference between the two is the mode of driving. The Classic YOONIT Mini Cargobike requires manual pedaling. Whereas, the Electric packs a frame-mounted Shimano STEPS 504-Wh/36-volt battery that powers the Shimano EP8 bottom bracket motor.

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Images courtesy of YOONIT