If you’re the type of person who loves to push yourself to the limit during an activity, then you’ll need gear that can keep up. Just like apparel designed for professional use, quality and performance matter. Cyclists eager to try something new might find the 160E from Yeti cycles to their liking. What your looking at here is a rugged e-MTB with cutting-edge features.   

The manufacture notes they’ve engineered this ride from the ground up. A common practice among established cycling brands is to take existing frames, slap an electric motor, and wire it up to some batteries. Not Yeti Cycles! What they have here is a two-wheeler like no other.

Their product page says the 160E is the “world’s first race specific e-MTB” and we think it lives up to the claim. What sets it apart from the rest is the innovative Sixfinity suspension system. According to Yeti Cycles, this setup increases pedaling efficiency and likewise improves traction on most surfaces.

Furthermore, users can also change the leverage positions with no negative impact on the geometry, anti-rise, and anti-squat properties of Sixfinity. For a clean silhouette, all cables are routed internally – no zip ties, no rattle. At its heart is a capable Shimano EP8 motor drawing power from a 630-Wh battery pack.

To tweak Just pair it to your smartphone via Bluetooth and access the settings through the Shimano E-tube app. Yeti Cycles offers two trims for the 160E: T1 and C1. Both share most components such as the tires, bar, grips, seats and more. Order yours now and inject more fun into your next ride.

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Images courtesy of Yeti Cycles