Bicycles are as ubiquitous as ever with even more people picking one up since the early days of the pandemic. These two-wheelers are not only ideal emission-free mobility platforms, but they also provide a good workout. Sadly, the biggest problem owners face is theft. In a bid to curb these infuriating circumstances, Yerka designs the V3 with a modular system to deter thievery.

So how does the manufacturer approach the issue at hand? The secret lies in the frame and seat as Yerka turns the V3 itself into a worry-free lock. All you need to do is move the bike to a reliable anchoring sport or a dedicated parking slot. What follows is a couple of steps that won’t even take you more than 15 seconds.

An integrated mechanism on the downtube allows owners to split it in half. Articulating joints close to the head tube and bottom bracket lets the parts swivel to the side. Remove the V3 ‘s seatpost and thread it through the cutout of the upper tube and guide the locking pin to its designated socket on the lower stem.

Press the button and your bike is now fully secured. As for the wheels, each uses a bespoke type of nut that can only be removed with the supplied adapter. Yerka also includes a set of keys to unlock the bike. Once it’s undone, reassembling the frame and seat is as easy as locking the V3 in the first place.

Yerka also makes it easy for owners to install aftermarket add-ons via pre-drilled holes on key sections of the V3. All components are made in-house out of aluminum and Chromoly steel. The exceptions include the crankset, sprocket, brakes, tires, inner tubes, headset, and pedals.

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Images courtesy of Yerka