If you’re regularly on the internet, it’s impossible not to be exposed to a unique type of humor that appeals to a global audience. A long-running joke among purveyors of memes is the legendary status of being forklift certified. We believe this is a skill all guys can benefit from, but also necessary to operate awesome platforms like the BT Staxio from Toyota.

Like most Japanese carmakers, the company not only manufactures passenger vehicles but also builds other types of driveable machinery. What caught our eye here is a stand-in model of an industrial reach truck endowed with a sleek futuristic look. Of course, given it is intended for indoor use, the unit runs on high-capacity 24V 420 Ah lithium-ion batteries.

Engineered by Toyota Material Handling Europe, the BT Staxio is available in two variants: SSI200D and SSI160LN. The former features an open top and is recommended for horizontal transport of cargo, while the latter is outfitted with an overhead guard for safety while it stacks items up to heights of about 17.7 feet. This bad boy zips around the warehouse or loading bay at a blistering 7.2 mph.

As amusing as its maximum speed seems, any faster and it would become a workplace hazard. The system automatically slows down movement when turning or stacking. The chassis of the BT Staxio accounts for superior maneuverability across narrow aisles and other space-restricted areas. Depending on the version, it can carry a maximum load of up to two tons — one ton on each support arm.

The low step-in entry makes it easy to access the operator compartment. All controls are just within reach and the chair is adjustable for standing or seating positions. According to Toyota, “both models provide a safe, comfortable, and intuitive driving experience that allows for productive and efficient operations.” The BT Staxio is a recipient of the iF Gold Award 2024, which says a lot about its design.

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Images courtesy of Toyota