Can any of you recall a certain VisionF Yachts 80 Series that was completely clad in pink? A catamaran that vibrant was bound to inspire others to attempt something like it. Little did we know Turquoise Yachts had something similar slated for delivery this year. This is the aptly christened Jewels — a sleek monohull with an exquisite interior.

True to the shipyard behind its construction, this 174-footer flaunts a two-tone exterior. The bottom is painted in a mesmerizing shade of turquoise, while the superstructure in white creates a striking contrast. As noted earlier, the rakish silhouette alludes to exceptional performance out at sea. 

Apart from its unique chromatic presentation, the Jewels looks like every other vessel in its class. At a glance, its contemporary open-air spaces might have been an intentional design choice by the owner. H2 Yacht Design — a studio based in London was tasked to handle the aesthetics of the volumes within. 

The 31-foot beam coupled with its overall length equates to 720 gross tons of ornately curated decor. You can best describe it as a surprise for anyone who climbs aboard and then enters the Jewels interiors. The shift from a modern motif to something more traditional is bound to catch anyone off guard.

Almost everything inside is adorned like a majestic palace with generous use of wood, crystal chandeliers, gilded edges, golden fabric, marble, and more. The Jewels can accommodate up to 18 guests. According to Turquoise Yachts, the owner was intimately involved with almost every aspect of the build and regularly visited their facilities in Turkey.

Up to two tenders can be carried at the foredeck area in addition to PWCs and other water toys. Meanwhile, an aft beach club caters to anyone who wants to take a dip in the waters below. The Jewels features a steel hull which is paired with an aluminum superstructure.

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Images courtesy of Turquoise Yachts