Automotive aficionados are people who generally enjoy anything related to vehicles. The few who belong to the elite class are often hardcore car collectors and occasionally take their high-performance vehicles to the tracks for thrills. Even when they’re at home, the urge to drive can be overwhelming. As such, most invest in high-tech toys like this Huayra R simulator.

If you’ve ever been to an arcade or are into video games in general, racing titles are usually best played with a steering wheel and pedals. There are plenty of options available for home consoles or gaming PCs but the experience offered by hardware from companies like Racing Unleashed is on another level. 

The Huayra R is a sleek simulator officially licensed by Pagani Automobili S.p.A. and built to provide immersive gameplay. Given the ridiculous cost of the hypercar this product is based on, we can at least pretend to be in one. No expense was spared as its components match that of the real thing.

We have carbon fiber and other top-shelf materials that adorn the cockpit of the Huayra R. The composite flaunts the iconic weave in a green tone with red pinstripes and roundels. Racing Unleashed even went the extra mile to copy the vibrations and sounds of the V12 engine via a 5.1 audio setup paired with kickers.

“The introduction of the simulator aligns with Pagani’s commitment to excellence, as evidenced by its Arte in Pista program. This initiative provides track car owners with exclusive events and support to enhance their driving skills and enjoyment,” describes the manufacturer. 

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Images courtesy of Racing Unleashed/Pagani Automobili S.p.A.