It’s common knowledge that all automotive companies are already offering or developing emission-free models. Climate change has been a hot topic for years now and everybody needs to do their part to prevent it. Supercar marques like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and others are due to unveil their platforms soon, but Maserati leads the pack with the MC20 Folgore.

Industry analysts have been hinting at the arrival of plug-in hybrids before fully electric iterations. Perhaps they believe people who are in the market for supercars are in it for the classic high-performance motoring experience. However, the recent announcement tells us Maserati is ready to go fully sustainable.

With the GranTurismo Folgore expected to ship out sometime in 2024, it makes sense to take advantage of the hype it will generate and follow up with another sleek green machine. The ICE version of the MC20 Folgore flaunts a stunning silhouette and it carries over seamlessly here.

Despite the aesthetic similarities between the two, it’s easy to tell which is outfitted with a battery-electric powertrain instead. Images of the MC20 Folgore show tweaked aero elements, a charging port, and an exhaust system delete once viewed from the rear. 

If you plan to become one of the early adopters, keep in mind that it only comes in the “Cielo” (cabriolet) variant for now. Maserati assures its clients that a hardtop is also in production. As for the specifications, details remain under wraps for now, but the MC20 Folgore is hinted to produce approximately 700 horsepower.

A three-electric-motor configuration was likewise confirmed along with a zero to 62 mph sprint in just two seconds. The MC20 Folgore weighs roughly 220 lbs. more courtesy of the batteries. The Trident emblem plans to release the all-electric drop-top in 2025. 

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Images courtesy of Maserati