When you really think about it, some flagship smartphones are equipped with the best optics in the market. These allow users to capture exceptional photos and videos on demand. Some are even outfitted with advanced sensors for night vision and thermal imaging capabilities. However, a seasoned outdoorsman will likely choose a tool like the YASHICA Vision over a handset.

It’s a non-negotiable rule to adequately prepare before any journey into the wild. Nature can be deceptively cruel to those who take it for granted, which is why professionals never leave home without the essentials. A pair of binoculars may seem mundane but will provide a tactical advantage that can save your life.

YASHICA is a highly respected brand known to photographers the world over. It was founded in 1949 and continues to supply imaging products some discerning users still prefer over others. With its reputation, the Vision was fully crowdfunded and should be heading into production soon.

Armed with this military-grade piece of gear, you have access to full-color night vision, 4K UHD quality images, a viewing distance of up to 1,970 feet, and 16 hours of battery life. Even in pitch-black environments, the 850 NM IR illuminator ensures nothing is hidden in the dark. 

Design-wise, the YASHICA Vision does not resemble your typical pair of binoculars. Its blackout body is sleek and textures in key sections to improve grip. All backlit control buttons are mounted on top and should be easy to memorize by feel after some time.

Its sensors are rated with a lux sensitivity of 0.0037 along with an F/1 aperture. Take it with you hiking, camping, and exploring. Use it to easily spot wildlife and avoid dangerous encounters even at night. YASHICA even sweetens the deal with a five-year battery replacement service for the Vision.

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Images courtesy of YASHICA