Aside from the United States and Europe, one of the biggest markets for EVs is China. In fact, their demand for green motoring steadily grows and carmakers are eager to keep up with production. Aside from Tesla, it faces tough competition from the likes of Chery, SGMW, GAC, and BYD. In fact, the latter just unveiled its latest model – the U8.

Reports confirm that it will be under a new subsidiary the group names YangWang. The mission is to compete against the likes of Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz in the luxury automotive segment. In addition to the new electric SUV, we also have an emission-free supercar it aptly calls the U9.

Both are still in development so details might change along the way. The U8, meanwhile, is a plug-in battery-electric model geared for discerning clients who want an upmarket off-roader. As such, we can’t help but notice some aesthetic similarities with the Land Rover Defender.

Nonetheless, there are enough cosmetic cues to easily tell it apart such as the grille, headlamps, and LED elements throughout the exterior. Flared fenders, roof-mounted LEDs, beefy tires, impressive ground clearance, and more suggest this bad boy is ready for the trails.

YangWang notes that the U8 uses a ladder frame chassis and packs electric motors for each wheel. Total output is currently listed at 1,100 horsepower and 1,200 lb-ft of torque. Slam down the accelerator and this monster will easily hit 62 mph from zero in three seconds.

The quad-motor setup likewise enables tank turns on the U8. The manufacturer also points out that its ingress protection allows it to wade through water via a special mode. There is no word yet of international availability.

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Images courtesy of YangWang/BYD