Before you splurge for a new pair of headphones, it’s best you consider the options available right now. It’s likely many have been swayed by Apple’s massive marketing campaign for the AirPods Max. With the massive success of its audio lineup, it’s easy to overlook what others have available. We want to talk about the YH-L700A from Yamaha and makes it worth your while.

From a design perspective, these over-ear headphones are as stylish as they come. Yamaha is only offering these in black, which is perhaps the only downside here. It wouldn’t hurt to at least have it in shades of white or grey. Anyway, all that really matters here is the audio quality and stuff it can do differently from its contemporaries.

Backed by years of experience when it comes to acoustics, the Yamaha YH-L700A has a big shoe to fill. As with any modern model out there, passive noise isolation just doesn’t cut it anymore. Thus, proprietary active noise-canceling is the answer here.

Moreover, you can toggle the settings to allow ambient sounds in when needed. When you’re listening to more than just music, Yamaha presents its 3D Sound Field tech. With the help of a gyroscope, the headphones track your head’s movement.

This turns any stereo audio from your videos even more immersive. Just pick the appropriate setting and let the YH-L700A take care of the rest. It supports Hi-Resolution Audio when you plug it in via the 3.5-mm cable. Each earcup swivels to fit every user’s unique head shape for comfort.

The Headphones packs 40 mm dynamic drivers tuned to produce an impressive sound stage. The Yamaha YH-L700A boasts up to 34 hours of battery life with regular use. There are hardly any caveats here save for the lack of other color options.

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Images courtesy of Yamaha