YAMAHA 03GEN-X Scooter
Although most guys prefer the feel of a classic bike, there’s no doubt that a three wheeled motorcycle has an advantage when it comes to stability. And if it looks as mean as the YAMAHA 03GEN-X Scooter ($TBA), we’re sold!

Inspired by the world-acclaimed Tricity model (2013), Yamaha has just released details of 2 new design concepts, as part of the LMW (Leaning Multi Wheel) line: the road-specific 03GEN-F, and the dual-purpose on&off-road 03GEN-X (featured here). The “X” stands for Cross, a 3-wheeler built for the tough terrains, with a minimalist body and a lot of original features like the knobby front tires wrapping the spoke wheels, the X-shaped light, a reinforced camper handlebar, and a large digital display that seems to pay homage to the first “Scramblers”. The rear wheel features a double oleo-pneumatic shock absorber for a smooth ride, and other details include a rising exhaust, leather seat, and a thick tube rear frame with built-in turn signals and taillight. The futuristic, yet traditional looking YAMAHA 03GEN-X Scooter doesn’t have a release date so far, but it looks like it will be released soon.

YAMAHA 03GEN-X Scooter 2

YAMAHA 03GEN-X Scooter 1

YAMAHA 03GEN-X Scooter 3

YAMAHA 03GEN-X Scooter 5

YAMAHA 03GEN-X Scooter 4

YAMAHA 03GEN-X Scooter 6