Modern flat-screen TVs are the main platforms for entertainment in any home. You can position them anywhere, but there is a caveat to consider. The bigger the screen, the more challenging it is to move around. Projectors are awesome alternatives but, most are not exactly compact. When it comes to portability, a cool option would be something like the Pico T1.

Ever since advancements in DLP and LED technology allowed manufacturers to shrink their respective components, Pico projectors became mainstream. Some companies integrated these into various devices with mixed results. Meanwhile, YABER’s successful crowdfunding campaign delivers a sleek and pocket-friendly product.

The Pico T1 uses a DLP system and claims to be “the slimmest and smallest projector that has been created to date.” Roughly the size of a flagship handset, it’s handy to have when the situation calls for a bigger display. According to its product page, it can throw up to 70” images onto any flat surface.

A mini-HDMI and two USB-C allow users to hook up their computers, game systems, smartphones and more. It also supports wireless connectivity via Bluetooth and dual-band Wi-Fi. Keep in mind there is no built-in battery on the Pico T1. Thus, you need to hook it up to a power bank or a charging brick.

Although it can decode 1080p content, the native resolution of the YABER Pico T1 is only 540p. Meanwhile, maximum brightness is at 110 ANSI lumens only. This means ambient light would pose a problem to visibility. The projector also features speakers with touch controls on top. A magnetic tripod is included in the package.

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Images courtesy of Yaber Tech