Male pattern hair loss affects millions of men worldwide and one of the most popular treatments for this condition is a medication called finasteride. Many men are able to take the drug without experiencing side effects, but an unlucky few can find themselves dealing with problems like erectile dysfunction and lowered sex drive. You might be asking yourself if there’s a way to minimize this risk.

The answer lies in compounded, topical formulations of finasteride like Topical Finasteride, with SiloxysSystem™ Gel, which is only available with a doctor’s prescription through XYON. SiloxysSystem™ Gel is an innovative compounding base that can be mixed with a variety of medications including finasteride. It’s one of many hair loss solutions offered through the online platform.

Unlike the oral drug, topical finasteride is applied to the scalp where it comes into contact directly with hair follicles. It’s not digested in the same way oral medications are, so way less of the active ingredient enters the bloodstream. Less medication in the bloodstream, fewer chances to affect other parts of the body.

Let’s talk about why SiloxysSystem™ Gel is different. Topical forms of finasteride come in a couple of different formats: gels, solutions, sprays, and foams. All get applied directly to the skin but that’s where the similarities end.

SiloxysSystem™ Gel is a gel, but it’s not just any gel. It’s a sophisticated silicone-based formula that creates a barrier across the skin when it’s applied. This unique barrier slowly deposits medications like finasteride over time, which is a property that no other topical formula has. When you control the rate at which the medication enters the skin, you’re also able to control how deeply into the skin it penetrates.

Since the majority of the finasteride stays in the skin layer containing hair follicles, much less of the drug enters the bloodstream. So the dosing is much more controlled and targeted. It might be an option for men who are concerned about side effects.

The XYON platform can connect you with an independent, board-certified dermatologist who’ll determine if you’re a good candidate for this treatment. And, you’ll be able to contact the dermatologist assigned to you at any time if you have questions or concerns about treatment. It’s one of the ways XYON is changing how hair loss is treated.

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