It’s about time we admitted that cocktails are great and should be enjoyed by everyone. Yes, the sophisticated appeal of drinking liquor in its pure form is typically what’s keeping us from trying some of the amazing recipes out there. Thankfully, we now have ready-to-serve options like the XXI Martinis collection and its new Espresso flavor.

Alcoholic beverages like it are essentially simple to make with some practice. Nevertheless, mixology still continues to intimidate those who prefer to just sit back and sip on one made by a professional. In the long run, the costs involved will eventually take their toll on your wallet. Thus, alternatives like the XXI Martinis Espresso should be in your cabinet or bar.

Who knew that the intoxicating effects of liquor would go so well with the buzz from caffeine? The directions on how to concoct a cocktail just require you to measure and mix ingredients. However, something that’s already prepared perfectly out of the bottle is an enticing proposition. No need to fumble about and leave guests waiting, right?

This delectable drink is as foolproof as it can get. Still, it’s better when you have the appropriate barware. Grab a Boston shaker or something similar and fill it with ice. Pour the XXI Martinis Espresso, cover and shake. Strain into a martini glass, sprinkle some espresso beans and serve it. Just keep the process a secret to impress your friends.

“Rich, velvety, freshly brewed espresso awakens taste buds with a balance of bitter and sweet notes, energizing body and spirit. Together with premium vodka, this smooth, coffee lover’s dream elevates the martini to decadent dessert, or ‘this-party’s-just-getting-started’ status,” notes the XXI Martinis Espresso product page.

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Images courtesy of XXI Martinis