As Tesla fanatics continue to drool over the impending arrival of the Cybertruck, some of us are ready for the next step in mobility. We all know the promise of a future with flying cars is still a long way off, but A.L.I. Technologies brings the technology a whole lot closer. For a cool $770,000 you can take flight on the XTurismo Limited Edition.

Better hurry up as only 200 units will be available for this initial release. Those who have been on two-wheelers all their lives will find the transition easy. The only caveat we can think of for now is that it is for track use only. Regulations regarding flying vehicles on public roads are still up for debate, which is really for our safety anyway.

Still, A.L.I. Technologies is supposedly working on a consumer-grade trim for recreational use. This implies the XTurismo Limited Edition is the most powerful version yet. This hoverbike will make Star Wars fans giddy as they recreate their favorite scenes — hopefully sans the crashes.

Although it relies on an electric system for control and stability, the XTurismo Limited Edition packs a combustion engine. Specifically, it uses a powertrain sourced from a Kawasaki racing motorcycle. It can reach a top speed of close to 50 mph and remain operational anywhere between 30 to 40 minutes.

Current battery technology will just add more weight. The production-ready version already weighs approximately 660 lbs. Also, it can support up to 220 lbs. The XTurismo Limited Edition measures 146” x 95” x 59” (L x W x H). The default colorway is Imperial Shine Red, but clients can request bespoke styling upon order.

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XTurismo Limited Edition Top XTurismo Limited Edition Tracks XTurismo Limited Edition Render

Images courtesy of A.L.I. Technologies