As carmakers gradually switch out the internal combustion engines of their fleet for battery-electric systems, we eagerly anticipate how the eco-friendly overhaul will affect design and performance. For the most part, the aesthetic changes have been discreet. However, Toyota seems to be smitten with Tesla’s Cybertruck as indicated by how closely the Land Cruiser Se concept resembles the emission-free pickup truck.

With the Japan Mobility Show 2023 already about to close its curtains this weekend, we can expect more exciting announcements in the coming days. Toyota has been a stalwart in the campaign for hydrogen fuel applications over the ubiquitous battery-electric platforms used by most green powertrains.

However, its press release confirms the three-row SUV will be powered by the latter. The Land Cruiser Se might be a major departure, both in capabilities and category, as others point out its new designation as a luxury EV. However, the manufacturer was quick to highlight the “high-torque driving performance” as one of the defining features of the concept.

Hence, we can safely assume this elegant behemoth will retain its off-road capabilities albeit when the situation only calls for it. Toyota likewise notes the virtually quiet operation of electric vehicles, in general, would be beneficial for urban driving “and other on-road situations.” The Land Cruiser Se boasts a monocoque construction to enhance its handling even in rough terrain.

Overall, the exterior is noticeably more aggressive and aerodynamic than usual. The absence of a traditional grille at the front and slim LED headlights denote its sustainability credentials. Toyota replaces the mirrors with rear-facing cameras to complete its sleek silhouette. Despite the new direction planned for the Land Cruiser Se concept, its muscular stance reminds us of its expedition-ready pedigree.

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Images courtesy of Toyota