Lexus is Toyota’s subsidiary which delivers upmarket versions of the Japanese carmaker’s vehicles and a few unique to the marque. However, what many are now aware of is how it also accepts commissions for luxury seafaring platforms like the LY 650 — the first-ever hull built by the group. Most people thought it was a one-time affair, but the LY 680 tells us the series is here to stay.

So far, reports tell us the sleek ship is exclusively available via Toyota Marine in Japan. However, the outgoing model’s popularity means clients won’t hesitate to place their orders for its sequel. The new watercraft retains the sporty profile of its predecessor, albeit with some tweaks to give it a distinct identity.

According to the team behind the LY 680, they want it “to feel like a hideout in the middle of the sea, providing a space where discerning customers can feel free and at ease.” This is no solo venture as the company formed a partnership with the Horizon Group to aid with the construction.

As with any vessel designed for high performance, Lexus enhances the successful formula that made the LY 650 a hit. One of these upgrades includes a larger flybridge with lounge seating and a barbecue grill for open-air dining or snacks. Owners and their guests can flip burgers, roast hotdogs, cook steaks, and more, just like a weekend get-together.

Next is the aft swim platform, which has been extended to accommodate personal watercraft and other toys. The LY 680 measures 68 feet long with a 19-foot beam and can easily host a party of 15. There are three rooms spread across its decks for extended stays on board. Power comes from twin 12.9-liter turbocharged Volvo D13 engines rated at 1,350 horsepower each.

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Images courtesy of Lexus/Toyota Marine