Ritz-Carlton is a hospitality brand held in high regard by society’s elite. Their hotel chain is known the world over for its opulent accommodations and amenities. Moreover, their concierge services are reportedly second to none! To date, the multinational group has around 108 establishments in 30 countries with more to follow. By 2025, the Luminara will join its fleet of luxury cruise liners.

Come to think of it, cruise ships are considered as floating hotels with the added benefit of propulsion systems. Not only are guests enjoying top-notch recreational activities, dining, and shopping on board but also visiting local attractions at every port of call. So far, the firm already has two: The Evrima and Ilma. Both are at 623 feet and 790 feet, respectively.

When the Luminara officially launches, it will officially become the largest among Ritz-Carlton’s fleet at 794 feet. A magnificent vessel of this size can service up to 452 guests across its multi-level superstructure. The blueprint tells us there are 226 suites — each with a private terrace for panoramic views of the waters surrounding the liner.

Those who require more space than the average can book one of the two special upper suites measuring approximately 1,076 square feet. No need to stay cooped up in your lavish room as there is plenty of awesome stuff to do while out at sea. There’s a swimming pool, plenty of dining options, a fitness center, a spa and a bunch more. 

According to Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection executive chairman and CEO Jim Murren, “With Luminara, we are not just adding another superyacht to our fleet; we are expanding the horizons of ultra-luxury travel.” We can’t wait to see what else the company has in store for its patrons in the near future.

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Images courtesy of Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection