Candela’s C-8 made a huge splash when it was officially unveiled at CES 2023. Perhaps it was the allure of emission-free recreation out at sea aboard a sleek hydrofoil powered by Polestar’s battery technology. However, it might soon face tough competition from BMW and Tyde as they unveiled a new all-electric foiling vessel dubbed the Open.

This 49-footer is the second project from the two German firms and is poised to provide owners with an exhilarating experience when it hits full speed. Their first venture — the Icon — generated a huge buzz as it was billed as the future of marine mobility. Plus, the fact that Hans Zimmer was tapped to compose a bespoke soundtrack to be played back via Dolby Atmos speakers within the cabin.

Meanwhile, the Open is designed as a sportier watercraft with elements sourced from racing yachts to deliver energy-efficient performance as the hull gradually glides over the water to reduce drag. This equates to energy savings as the batteries and electric propulsion system have a smaller surface area to propel through the waves.

Endowed with a clean yet aggressive outline, the angular exterior hints at the cutting-edge technology within. This aesthetic extends to the open cockpit wherein the table, seats, and decor are curated to match geometric motif. Positioned as a day boat of sorts, owners can expect top-notch amenities to service their needs.

As of this writing, details regarding the Open are extremely limited. Nevertheless, the images show areas for socializing, lounging, and more. The roof also appears to be outfitted with photovoltaic panels to harvest green energy on a sunny day. “The continuation of the cooperation with BMW is now fuelling the launch into another segment,” stated Tyde co-founder and managing director Christoph Ballin.

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Images courtesy of BMW/Tyde