Unless you live somewhere with mild winters, activities that involve open bodies of water might be out of the question for now. However, with a positive attitude, spring is just a couple of months away followed by summer. With the prevailing trend of eco-awareness, it’s time we switch to all-electric personal watercraft like the SEARACER.

Little has changed when it comes to the overall design of popular PWCs like Kawasaki’s Jet Ski. Honda’s AquaTrax, Yamaha’s WaveRunner, and others like them. Although the newest iterations of the aforementioned models do welcome improvements in performance, safety, and features, these generally retain familiar aesthetics.

SEARIDER breaks our conventional idea of what an average PWC looks like with the SEARACER. its sustainable platform flaunts a form factor reminiscent of sporty two-wheelers save for the planing hull. Apart from its unique silhouette, another defining attribute is its zero-emission propulsion system.

The manufacturer did not specify the capacity of its removable battery pack but detailed an estimated operating time of 50 minutes on a single charge. Its green energy source powers dual motors rated at 33.5 kW (45 horsepower) to help it reach cruising speeds of up to 48 mph or roughly 42 knots.

Just like your average land-based moto, the SEARACER promotes an aggressive riding position to match its high-performance capabilities. Unfortunately, you need to take turns to experience what this bad boy can do as the current configuration only seats one. Weighing in at approximately 143 lbs. handling should be responsive.

“For performance enthusiasts’ riders, inspired by the motorcycle sports industry, the SEARACER is the ultimate product representing performance, innovation and ultimate sensation,” writes SEARIDER. Preorders are now open and it’s currently available in three colors. This could be the upgrade you’re waiting for!

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Images courtesy of SEARIDER