Electric longboards are becoming very useful commuting vehicles in large cities but researching the best one for your needs can be challenging. A European startup company is making this decision easy with their new XTND AI Electric Board ($1,100) which is not only the lightest available at a mere 6.6 lbs; it is also the first to use Artificial Intelligence, improving its performance the more you ride.

The slim board runs on 4 high-performance in-wheel brushless motors, producing 1,800 Watts for a maximum speed of 28 mph. What really makes it great is the software you can run through the AI app which collects data on how you ride & where you go and then offers tips on improving performance as well as mapping out alternate routes that may be easier. The board will not start until the built-in sensors assure it you are standing correctly, and it will stop if you step (or fall) off. It also features front & rear bumpers that automatically switch on/off depending on the light it detects, and a lockout feature & GPS tracking will locate your board in case it gets stolen.