Nintendo’s hybrid console was a smash hit when it came out. Surprisingly, with rivals like the Sony PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Xbox Series X, it’s practically a last-generation model. Many believe it’s time for something new, but all we have is speculation as to when it will be announced. Before that happens somebody just shared renders of a handheld platform called the XP-1.

Visually, it resembles the Nintendo Switch Lite, but there are no details regarding its operating system. However, what we do know is that designer Nidharshan Suresh created this concept based on a specific aesthetic direction. If you’ve seen products from Teenage Engineering, then it’s clear the XP-1 nailed the clean minimalist look the company is lauded for.

Although nothing was indicated as to the software, the layout of the face buttons suggests it could be a portable gaming PC. Given the surging popularity of devices like the Steam Deck, Ally, Legion Go, Claw, and other similar devices, it’s unlikely a startup will want to compete directly with Nintendo’s Switch.

Endowing it with a matte gray finish, the XP-1 is an understated piece of technology. We’re unsure if the body is fabricated out of plastic or metal. Should it be the latter, aluminum and magnesium are the ideal options also used by most consumer electronics groups. 

The white/orange D-pad is cosmetically unconventional and so are the face buttons. We have a pair of offset analog sticks in white, two buttons in dark gray, and another two in vibrant orange. It’s difficult to spot, but forward-firing speakers are embedded below the display.

Another unique interface is the knurled dial at the top beside one of the shoulder buttons. Some games could benefit from these additional input system, yet it’s too early to tell which could be supported. The XP-1 is remarkably slim and the rear features two more buttons. It’s unforunate, Teenage Engineering has no plans to official enter to handheld gaming scene.

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Images courtesy of Nidharshan Suresh/Behance