If you recall, last year was all about foldable smartphones. Samsung, Royole, Huawei were all on the flexible screen bandwagon. Then Motorola came out of the blue with the new Razr, which was delayed to 2020. After all the hype surrounding the Lenovo-owned company’s clamshell foldable Samsung then again bumped it off the stage with the Galaxy Z Flip. Meanwhile, Xiaomi had another idea as to how to take advantage of the flexibility of the new display technology. Behold the Mi Mix Alpha – a groundbreaking example smartphone design.

OK, so what makes this handset so special you ask? Well, take a 360-degree look at it and you’ll know what we are talking about. That’s right, this smartphone flaunts a Super AMOLED panel that wraps around approximately 80 percent of its body. Even though it comes off as an experimental concept model, it is apparently heading for retail production soon.

Xiaomi evidently wanted to turn the Mi Mix Alpha into an all-screen smartphone but there are still certain engineering limitations that stop it from doing so. Nevertheless, the top and bottom section of the frame is titanium. Furthermore, the thin strip that houses the 108 MP (wide), 12 MP (telephoto), and 20 MP (ultra-wide) sensors is reportedly ceramic.

Other cool features include an under-display fingerprint sensor and a unique charging animation. It uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ with 12 GB of RAM and 512 GB internal storage. The Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha does not sport a forward-facing camera but relies on the main cameras for selfies. It does this by turning the rear section of the display into a viewfinder on demand. Overall, we would love to see what the final product brings to the table.

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Images courtesy of Xiaomi