If you’re after big-screen entertainment at home, there are TVs available in gargantuan sizes these days. Manufacturers are always striving to outdo one another when it comes to how massive they can go. However, a more practical alternative for that cinematic experience would be a projector. XGIMI’s Magic Lamp is a unique and discrete option to consider.

As CES 2023 recently wrapped up, we initially thought this was just another concept. To our surprise, the manufacturer plans to launch this new model within the year. The initial batch will be exclusively for Chinese markets, but there is word of an international release to follow.

As to what makes the Magic Lamp different from others, it’s the features. Unless you own an ultra-short throw projector, placement is important to get the best and most immersive results. Some use a dedicated tripod, position it atop a shelf at the back of the room, or mount it on the ceiling.

XGIMI comes up with a clever solution for those who prefer to go with the ceiling mount. This product doubles as a source of illumination. Hence, once installed, it looks like your typical light fixture albeit on the chunky side. Since the Magic Lamp is way up there, there’s virtually no obstruction to worry about during playback.

The circular housing is discreet enough to hold a high-resolution projector and a Harman Kardon sound system. XGIMI notes that the Magic Lamp outputs images and video up to 1080p with a 900 ANSI lumens brightness. Moreover, its acoustic capabilities likewise support DTS and Dolby audio enhancement technology. It’s likely to ship with Android TV or Google TV and other smart features for convenience.

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Images courtesy of XGIMI