Remote-controlled toys are always fun gadgets to play with. Most of us start off with RC cars to race around the house and RC boats for the pool or the beach. Then everything started taking to the air with RC planes, helicopters, and eventually drones. Looking at the different types that you encounter, from beginner to professional models, almost all look the same. You have four rotors and a body with some kind of landing gear. Meanwhile, the Xerall X-Tankcopter is changing the game with its all-terrain capabilities.

When it’s flying, it looks like any other RC drone out there, but when it lands, that’s when you see an exceptional feature. You’ll discover that what looks like a protective frame around its four rotors is actually a pair of tank treads. This hybrid machine is at home both on land and in the air. So, if the wind starts to pick up, just hover down and take the fun on the ground.

Just like the freedom you get while it’s airborne, the tank treads can overcome almost every obstacle. Moreover, if there’s a wall blocking your path, one-button take-off and landing will take care of it.

Take control of the Xerall X-Tankcopter using your mobile device or the supplied 2.4Ghz controller. The latter even features a smartphone holder so you can get a bird’s eye view through the built-in HD camera. For a more immersive experience, the set even comes with VR goggles. The 900 mAh battery should give roughly seven minutes of flight and up to 20 minutes cruising on the ground.

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