Coffee! We just can’t start the day with a fresh cup of java to boost our senses. The beverage’s popularity means there are so many ways to get your daily fix. Grab a fresh brew from a café along your way or make one at home. When you prefer a pour-over method of brewing, the xBloom is the cutting-edge gadget to do it for you.

Enthusiasts who love a hands-on approach to every step of the process may want to pass on this cool contraption. However, the rest who don’t mind a little automation will find it an awesome addition to their routine. What this all-in-one machine offers is convenience with a hint of eco-friendliness you won’t find elsewhere.

Keep in mind the xBloom still relies on proprietary pods to brew your coffee. These will come from renowned roasters all over the world. Thus, we’re looking at a spectacular caffeine journey as you sample various types to eventually pick out your favorites. Although this seems similar to Keurig and Nespresso models, it differs in certain aspects.

The xBloom features a sensor pad on top to scan the containers for bean recognition. The system automatically adjusts the recipe that brings out the best-tasting experience for its type. Each pod holds whole roasted coffee beans which you feed into the grinder section. Place the empty vessel on a designated holder and press down.

It then slides to the left to catch the ground coffee, which the sensors actively monitor for the correct weight. Once the contents are enough it moves right under the water nozzle to begin the pour-over process. So just sit back and let the xBloom craft that perfect serving of coffee.

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Images courtesy of XBloom