Dipping your body in a tub filled with ice-cold water is great for pain management. It also soothes tired muscles, reduces inflammation, and especially benefits those who lead an active lifestyle like athletes, gym buffs, and the like. This is the inspiration behind the Ice Barrel.

Founder Wyatt Ewing wanted to take the natural route when looking for effective ways to improve not just physical but also mental health. Thus, the birth of his creation. As its name implies, this is a large barrel where you soak your body in for cold therapy. It’s large enough to fit most body types with an opening of 25″ and overall size of 42” H x 31” W.

The Ice Barrel has a capacity of 105 gallons and weighs 24.95kg when empty and 340.19 when filled with 80 gallons of water. It lets you sit in a comfortable upright position. Despite it being a barrel, and of course, made with wood (custom US-made oak barrel) it is guaranteed splinter and debris free.

Moreover, it has a sturdy lid to keep your water cool and free from external contaminants like debris, falling leaves, and more. It also comes with a water-resistant protective UV cover to keep it protected from natural elements. 

The Ice Barrel is heavy-duty and comes with its own easy-to-use drainage system so you don’t have to scoop used water out. A heavy-duty barrel stand gives you easy access to drain the spout. Meanwhile, a step tool makes getting in and out a breeze. 

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Images courtesy of Huckberry