If you’ve read the title of this article, then we assume you have an idea of how essential it is to have the right gear for various applications. WUBEN knows it too which is why they’ve consistently pushed for innovation and improvements. The X3 is their latest model that’s currently in the crowdfunding phase and promises to deliver everything its user needs in a compact form factor.

With several models under the X series under their belt, the manufacturer knows a thing or two about what consumers want from their flashlights. Hence, the X3 is developed and engineered to go beyond the expectations of even the most discerning portable torch user. As such, you’re looking at the most advanced features and technology that sets it apart from competitors in the same market.

“As an EDC flashlight brand with years of industry experience, WUBEN has always been committed to innovation and invested in the research and development of new products,” notes company CEO Asim. “Breaking through conventions and addressing user pain points is one of the driving forces behind the creation of the X3. We believe our easy-carry light X3 will become a new must-have companion for outdoor enthusiasts.”

Getting To Know The WUBEN X3

Straight out of the gates, the WUBEN X3 EDC flashlight appears small in stature but packs great features that make it a versatile torch for both indoor and outdoor use and for just about any activity. For starters, it’s designed to be user-friendly with a pocket clip and a magnetic base for hands-free operation. It is built for rough adventures with a CNC-machined and molded PC shell that’s IP65-rated waterproof. Hence, it can withstand rain, snow, or sand and quick submersions under water.

It touts modern features that set it apart from previous X series models, and any other of its kind. There’s the 180° swiveling head which lets you redirect the beam precisely where you want it to be. Stick it to a metal surface magnetically or clip it to the rim of your cap and then angle the head to illuminate whatever you need it to. At only 70 grams, the X3 will feel like it’s barely there.

You have two LED options. There’s White+White which is equipped with two Osram P9 LEDs boasting 1200 Lumens, and White+Red provides high CRI white light (Samsung LH351D) and 670 nm red light (Luminus). Both offer the quintessential lighting modes: Low, Medium, High, Turbo, Strobe, and SOS. The addition of a diffuser instantly transforms the X3 into a mood light or bedside lamp as it softens the glow. On average, it can last up to 30 days in Low setting given it’s used one to two hours a day.

Moreover, the Wuben X3 comes with a wireless charging box that not only works as a wireless charger for the flashlight but also doubles as a protective case with a built-in 3000 mAh battery. The battery lasts an amazing 100 days (depending on the lighting modes and usage pattern) and doubles as a power bank that can charge smartphones and other devices. You can likewise recharge the battery using any other Qi-enabled wireless charging device, even the ones you use for your smartphone.

Speaking of which, the X3 also sports a breathing light effect to indicate it is charging. WUBEN covers all bases by integrating a digital display indicating the battery level and lumen output level. In contrast to other traditional status indicators, the screen provides a more intuitive visual cue to monitor battery levels. They’re really making it a multipurpose torch that would appeal to a much broader audience. Then there’s the awesome aesthetics.

The X3 has an owl-shaped design, thus it’s also coined “The Owl,” and an eye-catching translucent shell that lets you glimpse into the inner components of the device. We also found the housing’s photoluminescent properties very handy when we had to take it out for a quick stroll in the park at night. It certainly drew the attention of other people that were around at the time. Overall, it’s one of the more stylish options out there.

Our Gripes With The WUBEN X3

Despite the heaps of praises we have for WUBEN’s newest flashlight, there were some areas for improvement that would have made it perfect in our book. The first concern deals with the change from metal to plastic, which can be jarring for longtime users of their torches. Although the material has its benefits when it comes to weight reduction, nothing beats the premium feel of metal in your hands.

However, since the LEDs do tend to get hot during use, the PC body does not conduct heat as much which also makes it an advantage. The next on our list is the glow-in-the-dark properties of the X3. It seems WUBEN made this an exclusive feature on the white variant only. It would have been better if the other colorways also received luminescent elements. As you can probably glean, these are very minor and not exactly dealbreakers.

How To Get The WUBEN X3?

It was initially launched on Kickstarter on May 10, 2023, and its campaign runs until June 9, 2023. In less than 24 hours, over 800 backers pledged their support and there are currently more than 2,000 backers as of this writing. Those who miss out can still grab it on June 10, 2023, onward, on the official WUBEN website.


WUBEN X Series

As noted earlier, the X3 is the freshest face to join WUBEN’s renowned X Series which are all carefully crafted with a specific crowd in mind. These are some of the most compact flashlights money can buy and each is underpinned by a specific range of features. If we’ve already convinced you to grab the upcoming entry to the brand’s growing lineup, then perhaps these three might also spark your interest.

WUBEN Lightok X0

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Why Choose WUBEN?

If you’ve reached this far, it’s evident that the X series models are probably the most innovative, intuitive, versatile, stylish, and feature-packed flashlights in the market right now. Take your pick from the Lightok X0, Lightok X1, and Lightok X2. However, we also want to highlight WUBEN’s X3, which is a thrilling addition to the catalog. All their products are backed by a robust warranty and 30-day return policy – a hallmark of confidence and quality you won’t find elsewhere.