Tie-downs are necessary when transporting an oversized gear safely and securely. Cables, ropes, or wires usually do the job, but they need more than two hands to do a tie-down. The WRAPTIE is different since it promises fast and easy tie-downs that can be operated single-handed.

These multifunctional straps do not have metal buckles or hooks. Instead, they use high-tension industrial grade elastic straps in combination with the patented hook-and-loop fastening system. They consist of a high-strength loop on one end and the fast grab end on the other for fast and easy tie-downs that take seconds to complete.

The WRAPTIE straps combine the functionality of a bungee cord and the reliability and safety of a webbing strap, so it can be adjusted infinitely to securely strap in your gear without fear of damages. The fast grab end easily grabs any fixed point and the tail end tidy feature saves time after strapping down.

Best of all, the straps utilize recycled plastic bottles to help the environment and they are lightweight, safe, and sturdy. The straps can be used for multiple applications and come in different sizes: the 130 cm is the compact version for use on smaller loads, 180 cm for when you’re not sure which size to use, and the 240 cm for larger load or biggest tie down.

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Photos Courtesy of WRAPTIE International