Using a hair pick may not be for everyone as it can be tricky. A slight mistake and you could end up with damaged hair or scalp, although when used properly, it can add volume to your hair. Then there’s also the problem with the bristles: some are made from plastic and others metal. They can pose a problem when placed inside the bag or pocket as they can accidentally scratch your skin. Global industrial design and product development firm Shark Design rectified this problem with its portable Hair Pick.

This hair pick is perfect for on-the-go use as it is designed to be completely collapsible. Moving the yellow slot up and down the track moves the picks respectively too. A flat spring is used to push the parts in position so that the hair picks do not collapse and stay in place during use. 

Shark Design’s Hair Pick also serves as a make up mirror when opened. It has an angular join that allows the mirror to stay slanted for ergonomic use. To ensure its functionality, the firm utilized a hands-on design approach. This way, ensuring it functions as expected with the design devoid of any potential pain points. 

This hair tool also comes in a compact size. It’s around the size of a standard mobile phone so it is not too long and not too short for comfort. Packaging for Shark Design’s Hair Pick comes in an open-window box designed to show users the actual product. The box comes with the printed instruction in both front window and the back for easy understanding of its functions. 

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Images courtesy of Shark Design