As the race to create viable personal flying vehicles continues, the Workhorse SureFly Personal Aircraft ($200K), a 2-seat flying machine that looks like a giant drone, has just been introduced as a very clear winner.

The Surefly has eight individual motors that drive large carbon fiber propellers. The motors use a gasoline engine as their primary power source but there is a redundant 1,100 kg battery backup system for emergencies, and a ballistic parachute if all else fails. The four support arms fold in to fit the aircraft into a standard garage.

The craft can travel up to 70 miles for one hour at a time and is designed for a swift commute across a busy urban environment although the large, bulbous windows are excellent for sightseeing. With a target price of only $200,000 dollars, the Workhorse Surefly should soon become a dream come true for aerial adventuring.