Smacking a small plastic ball back and forth is hardly the first thing that comes to mind when you’re at a lavish party. Guests would rather marvel at the exquisite furniture, art, food, and maybe that fancy pool table in the game room. A design company hopes to change that and hopefully offer a fascinating conversation piece that will be the center of every gathering or your next corporate meeting.

The Woolsey Ping Pong table is a beautiful piece fashioned from the finest components by Sean Woolsey Studio. The California-based team manufactured a regulation-sized model that comes in two options: Black Walnut with a maple centerline or African Mahogany paired with a black tinted resin for the centerline. We are floored by the quality and craftsmanship that went into this immaculate product.

It was primarily crafted for the purpose of table tennis and even meets the ITTF specifications and size. Thanks to its luxurious appearance and the top-grade materials used in its construction, it can easily function as a conference or dining table as you see fit. A pair of custom-made walnut paddles, three 3-star Nittaku balls, a powder-coated steel net, and a wall-mounted display rack are all included with the extravagant $9,750 package.

Sean Woolsey Studio

Photos courtesy of Sean Woolsey Studio