A secluded getaway is what we may just need to recharge following the stress of the past years because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The world may have returned to its prior sense of normalcy. But who’s to say that we can no longer immerse ourselves in the beauty of nature and go off-grid? Especially when you have The Woodlands Hideout in your itinerary, then you can never say no to a quaint and cozy retreat.

This small, nature-inspired cabin rests among giant pine trees in Sandy, Oregon. It is a 190-square-foot hut nestled in a cozy private neck of the woods some 200-feet away from architect Rico Castillero’s main property called the Woodlands. It’s a solo retreat home with modern comforts including Wifi, a portable air conditioner, a mini-refrigerator, and a kitchenette. It also has a toilet and bath and a woodfire stove that separates the private space from the common areas. 

Moreover, The Woodlands Hideout has a private patio where you can camp out for time spent outdoors. However, for those cold days, you can still soak up nature’s beauty from the comforts of your bedroom. The bed overlooks the wonderful scenery outside through large glass windows. 

Castillero made certain the structure of the cabin pays respect to its wooded terrain. As such, he made sure the shape of the home can accommodate the leaves and pine needs that fall from the overhead tree canopies. One end of the roof gradually rises to accommodate the hot shower and the kitchenette. 

The Woodlands Hideout features a unique shape and a 10’ x 10’ x 20’ custom-built steel frame. Castillero then used oriented strand board (OSB) paneling for the interior. It is truly a cozy retreat even at first glance.

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Images courtesy of designer Rico Castillero, Further Society