If our recent wave of booze suggestions is still not enough of a journey for your senses, we still have more. Perhaps you crave something that delivers an exquisite experience from start to finish. Woodinville Whiskey is expanding the distribution of a blend which was exclusively available to folks who dropped by its Distillery Tasting Room. This is the Moscatel Finished Straight Bourbon.

This spirit is a fine one which you can enjoy neat, on the rocks, or as a component of a cocktail. According to a press release, the Seattle, Washington-based label confirms that distribution of the Moscatel Finished Straight Bourbon alongside its other expressions is now in 23 additional markets.

A bottle will run you about $99.99, so stock up now before others get wind of it. After full maturation at Woodinville Whiskey’s distillery, the Straight Bourbon transitions into another container to age some more. These are not your regular casks either as each batch goes into 10-year-old 200-gallon barrels.

The previous contents of the vessels in question were Moscatel de Setúbal – a fortified wine from Portugal. This process imbues the Moscatel Finished Straight Bourbon with notes of orange peel, dried apricot, sweet toffee, candied nuts, honey, and fennel. In fact, people who sample this spirit have nothing but good things to say.

Even without the additional step to turn it into the Moscatel Finished Straight Bourbon, Woodinville Whiskey’s blend is a standout among its peers. You have “aromas of crème brûlée and spice cabinet, as well as notes of rich caramel, dark chocolate, and vanilla bean on the palate with a sweet, lingering finish.”

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Images courtesy of Woodinville Whiskey