Famed maker of premium small batch Kentucky bourbon Woodford Reserve has just introduced its first Straight Malt Whiskey–a unique blend that contains 51% malted barley, 47% corn, and 2% rye.

With a 45.2% alcohol content, this “rebirth of the concept of malt whiskey” is not for the faint-hearted. Thanks to its high content of corn and an aging process that takes place in new charred oak barrels, the new concoction is sure to be appreciated by bourbon drinkers, while its rich and complex flavor, make it a perfect spirit to enjoy neat or on the rocks. We think it would make a tasty variation of the Old-Fashioned or Manhattan, too.

The umber-colored whiskey has tasting notes that include a nose of “soft nutty notes drizzled with light caramel,” “hints of brown spice, savory mint,” taste of “dark chocolate and caramel coated nuts,” and a “nutty and subtly sweet chocolate malt” finish. Available nationwide starting June 2018.

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