Temperatures are dropping and staying warm at home should be our top priority. So far, we’ve shared some ideas of what types of outfits, footwear, accessories, appliances, and gear can help you feel toasty and cozy. Another awesome way to beat the cold is to pour a glass of the Toasted Oak Four Grain and savor every sip.

We all know by now that whiskey, like all alcohol in general, has this bonus warming effect. Therefore, people often drink these neat or spike their favorite beverages with a splash or two when it gets chilly. In medical terms, the consumption of liquor causes vasodilation which speeds up our heart rate and widens our blood vessels. 

To be honest, we just want love to have any excuse to enjoy our booze. Anyway, the Toasted Oak Four Grain is a new release from Woodford Reserve, particularly under their Distillery Series. This delightful expression is curated by the label’s new master distiller — Elizabeth McCall. She has been with them since 2009 and has now earned the right to have her name printed on the bottle.

As it says, the Toasted Oak Four Grain is a fantastic mix of whiskeys such as malt, wheat, rye, and bourbon. The resulting blend then matures in new oak barrels before they are transferred to another set of casks which have undergone toasting. The resulting liquid flaunts what Woodford Reserve describes as a hue of “toasted pecan.” It’s then bottled at 90.4 proof, which is roughly around 45% abv.

If you’re interested in snagging a couple of these for the upcoming holidays or just to restock your cabinets, here are the tasting notes according to the distillery. Aromas of brown sugar, toasted oak, butterscotch, honeycomb, and marzipan prepare you for what’s to follow. A sip then unleashes essences of butterscotch, maple syrup, subtle wood spices, and toasted oak and leaves you with a “crisp and subtly sweet” finish.

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Images courtesy of Woodford Reserve