True wireless stereo earbuds are extremely mainstream these days and innovation seems to have stopped. It’s like every new model that comes works exactly like everything else, perhaps with incremental upgrades to audio quality, battery life, and some fancy gimmicks. JBL shipped with Tour Pro 2 with the latter but designed in an intuitive way that made it unique. Now, Wooask takes a stab at something similar but feature-packed with the TransBuds A8.

As indicated by Samsung during its first Galaxy Unpacked in 2024, artificial intelligence will change the way how people use their gadgets. Shortly thereafter, most of the tech launched with various functionalities powered by AI — some were cool, while others were poorly executed. Wooask — the company behind this crowdfunding project — appears to be onto something here.

Established in 2015, the technology firm dabbles in cutting-edge voice translation applications. Hence, the Transbuds A8 may look like your average TWS earbuds but are marketed as ChatGPT-powered accessories to aid in real-time communication between individuals who speak different languages.

The charging case is a crucial component here as it packs a powerful Qualcomm chip, a 2″ touchscreen, and AI to make translations as seamless as possible. According to Wooask, it’s a standalone device that does not need an internet connection or a smartphone to enable its ChatGPT capabilities. However, some of the languages supported require it.

By default, the TransBuds A8 can translate 16 languages: English, Indonesian, Italian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Russian, German, Thai, Spanish, Arabic, French, Japanese, Vietnamese, Hindi, and Portuguese. Users can hold a lengthy conversation fluidly as they wear one earbud each. 

Meanwhile, the charging case houses a built-in 2W speaker and microphone for short questions and chats. Translations are also displayed on the screen for convenience should the user wish to read them instead. The TransBuds A8 also has 16 GB of internal storage for your music files and videos.

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Images courtesy of Wooask