WOHO Bike has been crafting urban style bicycle accessories since 2008. Seeking that balance between functionality and style they use quality materials to make comfort and reliability a core company value. This is evident in their new, upgraded Universal Outdoor Carabiner Multi-tool.

The WOKit 2.0 ($48) expands on their original everyday carry multi-tool to make sure all the bicycle tools you may need on the road are incorporated in a Double Heat-Treated CrMo Alloy Steel carabiner. Along with holding your keys, the WOKit 2.0 offers 28 functions. It has a 1/4″ reversible ratchet, multi-function wrenches, spoke wrench, ruler, and bottle opener. It is bundled with a set of tool bits that include screwdrivers and hex drivers. It has a 9-piece metric socket set with a socket adapter and extender. The Tool Bits are nickel-plated S2 hardened steel and the socket set is chrome-plated medium carbon steel.

Weighing in at 13.6 oz. the WOKit 2.0 Universal Outdoor Carabiner Multi-tool has enough heft to stand up to use and light enough to never be a burden. Details in the video.