One of the perils of modern traveling is keeping your devices charged up, particularly if you use them quite a lot. It can be difficult finding mains connections at airports and other places while you are still en-route to your destination.

There is a solution to this problem though, thanks to the invention of QI charging or wireless charging and this nifty little device, the Mophie Charge Stream Travel Kit. The ingenious device has been designed with the iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus in mind; as well as all other Qi-enabled smartphones and devices.

With the Mophie Travel Kit, you get the 5W Mini Charge Stream Mat, a generously sized 1.5 ft USB-a to micro-USB wire, a2.4 amp wall adapter and a 2.4 amp car adapter.

Perhaps the biggest selling point of this handy little gizmo is the fact that it all comes in a smart and slick travel case. No more trying to find spaces in your bags for wiring and gone are the instances where the wiring gets trapped in the zip and ruined!

Next time you are planning on traveling and need a quick and effective solution to charging your devices wherever you are, consider the Mophie Charge Stream Travel Kit.

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