Swiss brand +t has just made the cold season a lot better on your feet. Possibly the thinnest warming insoles on the market, the +Winter Heated Insoles ($98) are also waterproof and only 2mm thick at the toe and 6mm at the heel.

The light insoles charge wirelessly (one at a time) via an included charging pad. Simply slot them inside your ski or snowboard boots, cycling shoes, ice skating boots or any type of semi-rigid shoes and turn them on. Temperature is set via Bluetooth using an application on your smartphone, while the built-in battery is claimed to keep your feet warm for up to 5 hours.

With the +Winter insoles available in Europe for most of the year, +t has started a Kickstarter campaign to make it possible to supply the USA in the future. Oh, they also want you to know their product is “designed in Switzerland and made in Italy, not in China”! Details in the video