Winston Yeh impresses again and proves why he is being named as one of the car industry’s most talented and intelligent designers working today. His rough craft touch has become something iconic of his work and is continuing to blossom.

The young talent from Taiwan began by customizing some Harley Davison models and has gone on to work his magic on Yamahas, BMWs and now Ducati. Whatever he takes his hand to, his mission is to apply the signature look of his work without compromising on the inherent aesthetics of the donor’s vehicle.

His most recent expedition involved the Ducati XDiavel S and arguably his best work to date. In its original form this bike is a bit unorthodox and slightly an odd ball. It is a muscle bike and cruiser hybrid which offers Winston even more wriggle room to create something special – and boy did he!

In this instance, Winston’s client was tall. Therefore, they raised the bike’s tail and made it sit 34.6” from the ground. The team then added BTS carbon wheels and the finest Pirelli Rosso tires. Not to mention Beringer braking clippers for extra performance. It’s time for less talking and more appreciating.

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