When a friend or family member marks a major milestone in their career or just their life in general, we usually throw them a party. Apart from the food and drinks, it is also customary to hand over some gifts or any tokens to commemorate the achievement. If you need a suggestion, Wingback recently launched a collaborative product dubbed the Triumph Reborn. 

For a present to have a significant impact on whoever receives it, you should figure out if the item caters to their interests. Not to sound ungrateful, but all of us have received something totally random at one point in our lives that just ended up in storage. Thus, this mechanical pen and stand is ideal for a bike enthusiast or a buddy whose desk needs a bit of fancy decor.

In partnership with a fellow British motorcycle marque, the London-based design studio crafted a premium writing instrument anyone would be proud to display. Even a professional workstation would look cooler with the rebellious motif of the Triumph Reborn. Available in two styles, these sophisticated tools are ready for any stationery.

One is made out of brass which reminds us of the material used by Triumph back in the day. Meanwhile, the more sophisticated of the two is the black steel version with stainless steel. Both flaunt metal barrels with co-signature engravings. To minimize fatigue with writing, the grip has a slightly larger diameter. It is also knurled just like the crown for utility and aesthetics

Wingback says the Triumph Reborn uses Fisher Space Pen PR4 Pressurised ink cartridges. One is already included in the box along with a matching metal stand to hold your pen upright when not in use. Personalization options are available but are limited to six characters on the barrel and 50 characters on the base.

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Images courtesy of Wingback/Triumph