Not all Multi-tools are the same. Although most that fit the category tout a similar concept, manufacturers try to stand out with distinct functionalities. Many choose to adopt a system akin to that of a Swiss Army knife, while the rest go for something more proprietary. The Windeler Stak manages to offer something others normally do not – a modular system.

The problem with most multi-tools is that not everything on them can be useful depending on the circumstances. It might be better to just pack everything for every imaginable scenario, but you’ll end up with one bulky item. Windeler, on the other hand, lets buyers decide what they need.

You can say no two Stak multi-tools people have in their pocket of backpacks are the same. Unless they purchase one of several pre-assembled sets offered by the company, each is practically a bespoke combo. Meanwhile, our favorite feature here is the magnetic attachment system.

This allows users to take out just what they need and put everything back together quickly. To ensure remarkable durability and deliver a premium presentation, Windeler uses only the best materials. The stackable units are crafted out of titanium, stainless steel, and glass-filled nylon.

What all of these have in common are the strong neodymium magnets to keep them together. As of this writing, Windeler boasts a Stak catalog of 18 items – 16 total if you remove the two bead and lanyard combos. Pick what you need and arrange them according to your preference.

The Stak is the most intuitive multi-tool available in the market right now. What we love about it is how easily the parts stick together and detach magnetically. Finally, this clever customization system makes it a must-have addition to any EDC loadout.

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Images courtesy of Windeler